Christmas Lights from Chad Elkins is on Kickstarter

June 5, 2018 - 6:49am
Christmas Lights is back from a second round on Kickstarter, and this time they have already funded.  Christmas Lights is a light card game all about arranging your lights in the order specified on your card.  Each turn you will be swapping cards with other players, playing cards from your hand, and trading information with the other players to avoid playing cards.  The trick is that you have to play something every round, so you need to get the cards you need to be able to achieve the desired arrangement.  First person to complete the arrangements on two cards is the winner! Christmas Lights is a fun, festive, and quick card game that takes under 30 minutes for up to 6 players, so the whole family can join in.  Also for this campaign they are adding an additional bonus, rules for 9 additional games that can be played with these cards will be included in the box.  So if you get tired of the base game you have 9 other variations to try with varying player counts, mechanics, and victory conditions.  Cost for a single set is only $15 plus shipping so give this campaign a look.