Zen Bins quick draw cards holders are on Kickstarter now

May 30, 2018 - 12:09am

Zen Bins is trying to make a name for itself in molded plastic insert market and so they continue to work and expand their line, and now they have launched their Kickstarter for card holders.  These card holders are specially designed to hold your cards, make it easy to draw them, and even to pick up the entire deck out of the holder.  They have two sizes currently, one for standard card/american board game card size, and one for mini american card size.  The standard card size holder can hold 80 unsleeved cards, or half that number sleeved, and the mini holder can do 50 unsleeved or 25 sleeved.  Each holder also comes with a lid for easy storage and transport, and the lid is designed so that is can be flipped over and used as a discard pile holder.  The holders themselves are also stackable so you can save space stacking up several of them and use only one lid. Pledge levels for this come in bundles, so you can get a bundle of 8 standard or 16 mini for $15 plus shipping.  There are also master pledges that get you more than double (18 and 36) for only double the price, $30.  To find out more information and to pledge for your own sets, check out the Kickstarter today.