Million Dollars, But... The Game coming from Cryptozoic and Rooster Teeth

May 21, 2018 - 6:35am
Rooster Teeth’s popular, Youtube series Million Dollars, But…, will get an easy-to-learn game which has players put their morals and imagination to the test, posing the question, “What would you do for a million dollars?” The game was originally released as a successful Kickstarter project in 2016, which raised over a million Dollars, but will now be published by Cryptozoic. Million Dollars, But... The Game was designed by Brian Reilly, supports 2-6 (or more) players, aged 17+, and plays in roughly 30 minutes. Jamie Kiskis, VP of Marketing & Product Development at Cryptozoic Entertainment:

"At Cryptozoic, we’re huge fans of Rooster Teeth’s content and have loved playing Million Dollars, But... The Game at our game nights for a while. So, when we saw an opportunity to partner with them to get the game into hobby stores, it was a no-brainer. It has already been a ton of fun to work with their team. We think it’s a partnership that will benefit both companies and lead to more collaborations in the near future." [source]

Burnie Burns, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Rooster Teeth:

"I'm thrilled folks will be able to buy Million Dollars, But... wherever they shop for games thanks to this partnership with Cryptozoic. Imagining friends and families gathering over a round of Million Dollars, But... makes me happy but I want to be perfectly clear that I accept no responsibility for what it does to their personal relationships. By reading this quote, you agree to this." [source]

In the game, each player takes four black Trigger cards and four gold Rule cards. One player is chosen as the judge and the others combine a Trigger and Rule card from their hands to create a scenario. The scenario presents a situation where someone can earn a million Dollars if they do something distasteful. The judge then reads these scenarios while the other players glorify or downplay them. The winner of the round is decided upon by the judge, who selects the scenario they find most distasteful to earn a million Dollars. The overall winner is the player who is first to win five rounds. Million Dollars, But... The Game will be available at retail in July, 2018. For more information see the original article on the Cryptozoic Entertainment website.
Antoine Fortuin

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