A smorgasbord of Games Workshop announcements, from Warhammer to Lord of the Rings

May 15, 2018 - 8:00am
Warhammer fans rejoice! Warhammer Fest was this past weekend and in it's wake came a bevy of announcements and reveals. Most die-hard Warhammer fans who couldn't attend the event have probably been reading about it via the live blog on Games Workshop's webpage, but for those who may have missed it we have the highlights right here along with a few extra Games Workshop reveals that were made within recent months:
  • A new edition of Age of Sigmar was revealed, featuring revised rules to make the game "faster, cleaner and more fun to play." The core of the game has gone through heavy playtesting and taken on general community feedback, leading to refined phases and a new command point system.
  • Adeptus Titanicus, a new game of giant mech combat, was unveiled and is due to release in August. Players will lead God-machines into battle to combat one another, featuring impressive all-plastic figures.
  • Two new family-weight Warhammer board games are slated for late 2018. Blitz Bowl is just like Blood Bowl, but with smaller teams and faster turns. Space Marine Adventures is a cooperative dungeon-crawl experience where players control new heroes (with new sculpts) who try to break into a Necron labyrinth.
  • For the only piece of non-Warhammer related news from the event, a new Lord of the Rings board game, Quest to Mount Doom, was revealed with box art and is awaiting a release date. The game is focused on the journey to Mount Doom to destroy the ring, but it has a competitive twist. All players are actually racing to get the ring into the magma of the mountain's cauldron, while keeping the ring hidden so nobody else knows that you have it.
  • A new, alternative rules set for Warhammer 40,000, Killteam, is on the way. This new skirmish mode of play uses existing factions and models, but is designed to play much faster and use less space, allowing for quick battles or campaign missions to be knocked out in a short time and on something as small as a coffee table!
  • Several new factions and expandable content were displayed for existing Warhammer properties. Magore's Fiends and the Farstriders were announced for Warhammer Underworlds. Van Saar was just released and Cawdor announced for Necromunda. The Doom Lords just released and Dark Elves were announced for Blood Bowl. Last, but certainly not least, via a sneak peak it was revealed that more cards and warbands are on the way for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.
Phew! That's a lot of news, and honestly that's not all of it! There were even more announcements on the digital gaming front as well that's worth looking into. If you're interested in learning more about Warhammer Fest, and all other announcements and updates from Games Workshop, be sure to check out the live blog and the community website where there is absolutely more in store.

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