Experience a more strategic kind of social deduction with Forsaken Forest, now on Kickstarter

May 11, 2018 - 12:25am

While social deduction games have been around for awhile and they often follow a similar formula, every year we tend to see minor twists that shake up the experience to be fresher than before, and it's quite remarkable that such a long-running genre of games is still evolving. You can see this in Bezier Games line of Werewolf games, from Ultimate Werewolf, to One Night, to the recently announced One Week, just a minor change can make a big difference. This is also the case with Forsaken Forest, now on Kickstarter, which takes a lot of inspiration from Werewolf but adds a secondary objective and action cards which bring more strategy and less bickering to the classic formula. As described via it's campaign page:      "Forsaken Forest is a social deduction card game set within a mysterious forest, inexplicably warped by dark magic. In order to win, you must navigate to your team’s veiled Destination before the opposing team navigates to theirs, or eliminate everyone who stands in your way. The first team to either reach their destination, or eliminate enough of the opposing team's players, wins!" Now I don't think that Forsaken Forest is going to unseat any other Werewolf title, but it is a welcome alternative for those that may felt that vanilla Werewolf and subsequent titles were more about arbitrary rambling than fun. What this game offers instead is a simple alternative win-condition - to reach a destination. If you know where it is you need to go, you can theoretically race to that destination, possibly making it before your team is picked off, and win even if you don't know who else is sharing that victory with you. It means that players have to pay attention to a map and cards played in addition to what's being said, and while it's not much of a change it is just enough to be innovative and the board gaming community is better for it. If you are interested in learning more about Forsaken Forest, be sure to check out their Kickstarter page for rules, reviews, and updates!

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