Ark Worlds brings MOBA-style team-fighting to Kickstarter

May 2, 2018 - 6:17am
MOBAs (or Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) have dominated online competitive gaming for years now, with a few deeply entrenched in the growing E-Sports scene. It's no wonder that a few board games have popped up now and then taking inspiration from their core gameplay principals. However, most of those games have tried to utilize a 3-dimensional space, a map with a grid overlay, in order to best evoke the source material. Ark Worlds, the first design by Orion McClelland now on Kickstarter, has done away with the map and has instead distilled the experience into a card game. As described on the campaign page:

"Ark Worlds is a strategy card game for 2 or 4 players. Inspired by games the like of Overwatch, League of Legend, and Paragon, Ark Worlds has you selecting 6 heroes from a selection of fighters, tanks, casters, supports and healers to do battle. Efficient use of abilities and team composition will be strong factors in play. With hundreds of thousands of possible team compositions, You'll be able to get many hours of play out of one small box."

The MOBA genre in video gaming has become an incredibly crowded space,but Ark Worlds proves there's still room to explore and innovate in the tabletop gaming sphere. While Rum and Bones and Guards of Atlantis, the two most notable board-game-adaptations that come to mind, both capture the feeling of pushing lanes of minions, there are advantages to abandoning the visual component. Ark Worlds uses the lack of a board in order to focus more on "Team Fighting", or the idea of a whole team working as one to fight the opposing team while maintaining position, which it does so with surprising effectiveness. If you're interested in learning more about Ark Worlds, check out the Kickstarter for a look at the components, rules explanations, gameplay demonstrations, and updates.

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