Love and Hate Meta Game Adds Depth To Any Game, On KS

April 27, 2018 - 12:42pm
Jeff Siadek, designer of Lifeboat and Desert Island, and the founder of Gorilla Games, has started a very unique Kickstarter Campaign for the meta game Love and Hate. Love and Hate is added on top of any other board game, and assigns each player one opponent whom they LOVE, and a second whom they HATE. At the end of the game, you add your lovers score to your own, then subtract your enemies score from your total. Interesting combinations can occur - for example, if you hate yourself, your score is moot, since you subtract your score from itself, so you are completely dependent on whomever loves you, and are free to play purely to hurt or help others. If you love yourself, your score counts double, but you are completely on your own - no one is coming to your aid. The Kickstarter for Love and Hate continues through May 3, includes options for Print and Play and a limited physical 18 card deck, expected to deliver May 2018.

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