Real Time Dice Driven Arena Combat Game Eye For An Eye On KS

April 27, 2018 - 12:38pm
Darwin Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign for Eye for an Eye, a real time dice combat game designed by Ben Boersma and Shae Boersma. Eye for an Eye features one eyed alien warriors with unique abilities, which move about a large hex combat arena, all beautifully elaborated by sculptor Bob Olley and artist Mihajlo Dimitrievski. 2-6 players roll their 5 custom dice in real time, much like Escape: The Curse of the Temple or Project: ELITE, allocating movement symbols to move and rotate, attack symbols to execute spear thrusts, and defensive symbols to block oncoming attacks. Dice can be stored on player boards until ready to use, when players announce their intent, such as "move 2" or "attack 3". Orientation matters, and figures always have 3 hexes facing front and 3 facing rear; attacks and defensive blocks can only be made to the front hexes. Tribal cards add new powers to the mix, using special symbols on the dice and executing unique moves and attacks. When players attack successfully, health cubes are transferred to the attackers score pile, but healing actions can allow wounded players to acquire more health cubes. The Kickstarter Campaign for Eye for an Eye continues through May 24, and the game is expected to ship in January 2019.

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