Race to the New Found Land announced by Z-Man Games

April 20, 2018 - 6:49am

Race to the New Found Land is a new board game from Z-Man Games which is set in the age of discovery. Players will build a fleet and travel across the Atlantic Ocean in search of new land and riches for their country. The game will support 2-4 players, play in 60-90 mins, and is best suited to players aged 10+.

"Sailors dare to take on the ocean, crossing the vast and tempestuous sea to discover new territory. New territories off the coast of North America were discovered: the New Found Land. Now the mightiest nations of western Europe are competing for the riches of this new region, fighting to stake their claim. Build your fleet and sail onward to glory and wealth for your country!" [source]

  Players will be loading their ships with supplies then sailing across the sea to deliver those supplies to score victory points as they match orders in various cities. Faster ships cross the seas quicker to beat opponents to matching orders but larger ships can carry more supplies and score more points. You can also set aside resources to upgrade your ships or your shipyard. Once you have staked a claim to a new territory you will also have access to new resources. Players can also unlock unique, special bonuses based on the country they're playing as. Race to the New Found Land is designed by Martin Kallenborn (known for Helios) and Jochen Scherer, with art by Alexander Jung (known for Bora Bora and La Isla). Its expected to be released soon and is available for pre-order. Find out more details in Z-Man Games' news announcement.
Antoine Fortuin

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