IDW To Release Board Game Based On Arcade Game Joust

April 8, 2018 - 9:34am
IDW Games has released several board games based on classic arcade games, including Missle Command, Centipede and Asteroids. The next game in the series appears to be a card game rendition of the Williams Electronics classic Joust, and will be designed by Luther Bell Hendricks V. The Joust board game will require 2-4 players to manage their speed and altitude, using a "unique momentum system". Played cards immediately affect a players' knight, but their effects last for several turns after being played. Players will need to stay alive while defeating foes, collecting eggs, and generally competing to be the best knight. Joust is due to be released August 22, 2018. For more information and some images, check out the descriptions on GTS Distribution and Peachstate Hobby Distribution.

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