Welcome to... has been picked up by Deep Water Games for wider distribution

April 2, 2018 - 6:06pm
Welcome to... is the latest roll and write, although it is more accurate to say flip a card and write, from Benoit Turpin and Blue Cocker Games.  In the game you are trying to build the best and most desirable suburban community back in the 1950's, and what is considered desirable is determined by city planning cards.  On each turn of the game three cards will be flipped, from those three cards you will pick which one you will use, and write down the corresponding house number and take that card's special action.  Some of the actions include adding fences, building pools, improving the points you get for your housing clusters, and even modifying the numbers on the cards.  On your sheet you have to write numbers in ascending order from left to right, so number placement becomes very important so you don't block yourself.  However, there is a way to get around this, and that's by copying a house number and marking it as a B, but doing so will get you negative points at the end.  The game ends when either all three city planning cards have been satisfied by a player, someone fills their entire neighborhood with house numbers, or someone was unable to write a house number for a third time.  At that time points are totaled and the most points is the winner. This is an interesting take on the roll and write genre that I personally find interesting, but so far it has only seen a release overseas, until now.  Deepwater Games has announced they have partnered with Blue Cocker Games to create an English version of the game to distribute worldwide.  Pre-orders will be starting up on the 18th of April, and release of the game will come later this year in August.  You can find out more information on the Deepwater Games' website, and then brush up on your 1950's interior decorating ideas while you wait for the games to arrive on store shelves.  Unless you are attending Origins, they will have copies there to distribute to those who opt to pick up at the convention.