Now on Kickstarter from Monkey Jump Games and Marc LeBlanc, Heroes Wanted

April 2, 2018 - 3:15pm
Something of a new theme that seems to be popping up in games is taking on the roles of people tangential to the adventuring hero in a fantasy world.  The most common being the shop keeper selling the fancy weapons and armors the hero needs in order to fight evil, but in Heroes Welcome, that theme takes a bit of a turn.  Heroes Welcome is a two to five player worker placement game that take about 90 minutes, and involves you taking on the role of goblin merchants.  And as goblin merchants, you want the most profits possible, so you will be buying up the loot obtained by the heroes, breaking it down into raw materials, and then forging better gear from those materials to sell.  But here is the twist, this new gear isn't for the heroes, this gear is for the monsters in the dungeon to make them stronger, thus making the heroes work harder to be stronger and pushing them to obtain more valuable loot. How the game is played is similar to most worker placement games in that on your turn you will pick a space to go and perform the action there.  You can go to the shops and work a shift there, attracting the heroes to sell their loot to you along with a bonus of some kind.  You also can go to various guild buildings and perform special actions there like building new buildings, upgrading your crafting skill, or obtaining scam cards to gain the upper hand.  Another option is the workshop, which this is where you will use the materials you have collected to forge new weapons and armors for the eager customers.  As the round goes on and people are placing out workers places will close, and at any point a player can call for the round to end, and as long as everyone agrees, the round will end and the heroes go back out adventuring again.  Once they return they will be stronger and have more loot for you to buy and convert.  All of this is done in order to obtain the most vorpal pieces, which are highly valued in goblin society.  Be the one with the most at the end of the game to be the winner. Art for the game is excellent, and you can check out the Kickstarter page for more information on the game and to seem reviews and gameplay videos.  A single pledge will run you $45 plus shipping and also comes with the Kickbacks expansion for free.  This expansion expands the customers portion of the game, giving extra incentives to fulfilling certain orders in order to get more money or favors that can be used later in the game.  Check it out today.