CoolStuffInc assures customers all games they sell are authentic

March 29, 2018 - 1:48pm
Counterfeiting is certainly on the rise in the board game world. However, like all counterfeits, these games are of lower quality and tend to have errors that can often affect how the game plays.  This is insult added to injury as these counterfeits can affect how people see the real game as well as take money away from the original publisher of the game.  This issue has become more prevalent with some less scrupulous sellers and Amazon selling counterfeit games (although in Amazon's case it's a matter of product storage and not so much ethics). This has lead to some companies, like CGE, detailing how to tell real from fake games. Additionally,  game stores are examining their purchasing methods to make sure they are getting authentic games.  So in this vein of thinking, CoolStuffInc has put out a press release assuring all customers that the games they purchase are through reputable and authorized channels. Thus, any game you purchase in person or online is the real deal.  You can read the full press release below for more information, and shop with peace of mind in their stores both physical and virtual. Addresses Industry Concerns with Authentic Product Guarantee MAITLAND, FL: Today,, a leading online retailer of hobby games and owner of hobby game stores throughout the state of Florida, addresses rising concerns within the hobby games industry in regards to counterfeit products. “The concern regarding counterfeit products has been an ongoing conversation in the hobby gaming industry,” says Gerald Sunkin, CEO of “We wanted to clearly outline and explain that this concern does not exist in our online store, nor in any of the seven Cool Stuff Games locations. We sell only genuine, authentic products obtained through authorized, official channels and we want our customers to shop with confidence.” stands behind the authenticity of its products, sourced from reputable distributors or official outlets. The company offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all sold products as authentic, factory-sealed items from the original manufacturer. For any questions: About is a hobby retailer based in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 2002, now has seven Cool Stuff Games retail locations in Maitland, Waterford Lakes, South Orlando, Hollywood, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami.