Crystal Clans interview with Colby Dauch from Plaid Hat Games

March 28, 2018 - 11:53pm
Following their interview with Andrea Mezzetero, the designer of Crystal Clans, Plaid Hat Games have now added an interview with Colby Dauch, founder of Plaid Hat Games and designer of Summoner Wars, to their website. The interview was conducted by Callin Flores, the Plaid Hat Games Communications Specialist. Crystal Clans is the hotly anticipated, new game from Plaid Hat Games which many see as the spiritual successor to Summoner Wars. Crystal Clans is a 2 player board game in which you battle with unique armies (clans) using multi-use cards. Clans need to win four crystals across the battlefield in order to win the game and fulfil their destiny to dominate the world. When asked about the many comparisons to Summoner Wars, Colby responded with the following:

"Andrea is an Italian designer and the game came to me through someone at Asmodee Italy who had played the prototype, and was reminded of Summoner Wars. After playing, we though Plaid Hat might be a good fit for the project.  So the comparisons have been there since the beginning for us.  Just as with Summoner Wars you choose a wildly varying faction/clan full of units.  These units are contained within a deck of cards and are played onto a grid board, where they are strategically moved about and sent to do battle with your opponent's units.  Like Summoner Wars it is quite easy to learn, but there is a lot of depth to the tactical and strategic game play.  However, this is not a Summoner Wars clone." [source]

Its fascinating to think that had Plaid Hat Games not been a part of Asmodee this game may not have seen the light of day in it's current incarnation. For even more behind-the-scenes information about Crystal Clans read the full interview.
Antoine Fortuin

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