Former Geek Chic employees launch a new board game table company, Bandpass Designs

March 21, 2018 - 6:10am
Geek Chic closing down last year was a big surprise that infuriated some customers who lost money, and saddened the staff that was being laid off.  But they didn't sulk for long, they got together, figured out how not to repeat the same mistakes, and launched a new board game table company, Bandpass Designs.  Right now they only have one table design, but that is by choice so that they are able to produce the tables in a timely manner, and not build up a huge backlog that could bite them later.  But that doesn't mean the design and quality aren't top notch, as the table includes all the features you could want, like dice trays, components trays, cards slots, recessed play surface, and of course, cup holders.  You can find out more about the table, called the Dresden, on their website as well as purchase one if you are so inclined.