Fantasy Flight Brings Force to Star Wars Destiny

March 16, 2018 - 6:25am
Fantasy Flight Games has announced new booster packs coming for Star Wars Destiny. Way of the Force packs will bring more emphasis on the enigmatic Force that surrounds everything in the galaxy, as well as bringing new versions to some old friends (and enemies) into the mix.

"Featuring 160 brand-new cards, Way of the Force revisits many of the saga’s most iconic characters in fresh new ways, focusing on their unique equipment, abilities, and tactics. The set includes the highest valued-die side to enter the game, a new way to bring back a defeated character, and a rare battlefield that comes complete with its own die. Furthermore, look for mechanics introduced in the newest base set, Legacies, to be expanded upon, such as the plot cards that can completely change how you play the game."

The set will revisit some older characters, such as General Grievous. In his earlier version, his abilities concentrated on stealing the other player's upgrades. This version focuses on his own weapons to make him even more powerful. The new Luke Skywalker ("Reluctant Instructor") is a very adept warrior but is also able to pass on his blue abilities to other characters, making for a more versatile team where the enemy can't concentrate on just one character. In addition to character cards, Way of the Force uses plot cards, first introduced in the Legacies base set. These cards expand on the idea, being color-specific and allowing players to have an advantage at the start of the game. Way of the Force will bring many new weapons and abilities to your Star Wars Destiny game, allowing you to play unique upgrades. These unique upgrades will form powerful combinations with cards included in Way of the Force, or even characters from previous packs and sets. The Way of the Force booster pack set is scheduled to be available in the third quarter of 2018. Keep an eye out for more details as they come in.