New Company and New Games: Canvas Temple Publishing

March 5, 2018 - 10:21am
Canvas Temple Publishing (CTP) is a new games publishing company founded to provide “a drama-free environment for old codgers to publish wargame projects because they want to.” Wargames industry veteran Jon Compton and friends formed CTP to be a publishing vehicle to publish games they want without the drama of a publishing company focused on profits. They have already assembled several major wargames designers to developed games through CTP, though they intend to be “a small, friendly (probably sarcastic) little group of folks who are doing this because they want to.” CTP launches their publishing company with three game announcements. The first game announced by CTP is Blitzkrieg in the West by Joseph Miranda. Joseph Miranda is a prolific wargames designer with hundreds of titles to his credit, most notably the award winning Zulus on the Ramparts!  Blitzkrieg in the West is a simulation of the German campaign in Western Europe, 1940. This project is expected to hit Kickstarter in a few weeks. The second game announced by CTP is Battle for the USSR! by Ty Bomba. Another award winner wargames designer, Ty Bomba was the founder and editor of Command Magazine, a wargames magazine which featured many wargames he developed, including Proud Monster: The Barbarossa Campaign, which later revised and expanded into the boxed wargame, Proud Monster DeluxeBattle for the USSR! is a split-sided-command of Barbarossa at division level. The split-sided-command system as was first used in the old-SPI classic Battle for Germany.  Players in split-sided-command system control portions of both opposing armies allowing both players to engage in offensive and defensive operations during the game. The third game announced by CTP are revisions of the classic Civil War Strategic titles Army of the Tennessee and Army of the Potomac by Mark McLaughlin. Last published in 1983, these games will receive revised and updated gameplay and substantially updated graphic quality. As a new company, Canvas Temple Publishing web presence is small but growing.  Discover more about Canvas Temple Publishing on ConSimWorld or on Facebook.

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