New cooperative mode now available for Stop Thief!

March 4, 2018 - 9:15am
The classic crime-scanning board game from 1979, Stop Thief!, was renewed by Restoration Games in 2017 via Kickstarter and brought into the modern era by replacing it's electronic component with a mobile app. 2 to 4 players compete to capture thieves who invisibly wander the board, hinting at their location with little more than the sounds of their movements. The beloved gameplay of the original was polished, but the feelings it evoked were expertly preserved. During it's Kickstarter campaign, a few stretch goals were unlocked to add modes of play that didn't exist in the previous edition, all of which take advantage of it's app-based integration and modern game mechanics. One of those, a cooperative mode, is available now and just requires an update to the app to play! As announced by Justin D. Jacobson via Restoration Games' press release: "In this new mode, two to four players work together to take down the “Atlantic 7” before they make off with a pile of loot. Cooperative mode offers an exciting new play style that many players enjoy even more than the traditional competitive mode. The new mode uses components in the original game and requires no new components." I've already played this new mode a few times with friends and family before writing this, and I have to commend the team at Restoration Games for succeeding to implement a fresh, fun, engaging, and challenging alternate way to play. Now Stop Thief! can appeal to a wider audience,  and for something that's as simple as a free app update it adds a tremendous amount of value to an already quality product. There is actually still a few more modes on the way (a 1-vs-all mode where a player controls the thief and a solo mode), and if they are anywhere near as good as what we've seen thus far then that bodes well for this finely-adapted title. If you are interested in Stop Thief! and Restoration Games future releases, including it's upcoming crowdfunding campaign for Fireball Island, be sure to check out their website for more information.

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