Kolossal Games Introduces Asymmetric Kami-Sama on KS

March 1, 2018 - 10:37am
Kolossal Games and designer A J Lambeth have brought their asymmetrical area control / pattern matching game Kami-sama to Kickstarter. Kami-sama plays 2-4, each of whom picks from 8 Kami, including the Kami of the River, of Fear, of the Moon, of the Wind, and the Kami of Death. Play involves action selection cubes, management of villagers via card play and a beautiful round player board, all with art from Gong Studios (Aeon's End, Charterstone, Kitchen Rush). Kami place shrines in villages according to their specific pattern, thus earning the favor of the villagers. But beware, for successful players will strike a balance between nature and the village, as focusing on either comes with harsh penalties. The Kickstarter for Kami-sama continues through March 11, and is expected to deliver in October of 2018.

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