Restoration Games Announces Impending Kickstarter for Fireball Island!

February 28, 2018 - 6:54am
Those of us who have played and appreciated such 'restored' classic games as Stop Thief and Downforce have been anxiously awaiting the chance to see what Restoration Games will offer us in their latest project, a new iteration of the cult classic Fireball Island. We are now one step closer to dodging giant boulders and running pell mell for our lives as the company today announced that the game will soon be appearing on Kickstarter. Restoration Games prides itself on its creative practice of never merely 'reprinting' a game but always re-thinking and re-fashioning it to meet modern standards and allow new levels of player participation, choice, and excitement. As their announcement defines this mission, "Find the “soul” of the game, turn that up to 11, and build a great game around it." With Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar this means that the game " will offer an experience that has: an amazing table presence, moments that will cause players to scream in delight and agony, enough strategy to keep gamers engaged but not so much that kids and casual players can’t partake in the fun, variety to reward repeat plays, a playtime under an hour. In short, we will make a game that honors its legendary predecessor and the fond memories of its fans, while at the same time offering a great time for people who never played the original." The Kickstarter is expected to launch its first boulder down the shoot on April 3, and the publication date is presumed to be available at that time as well. In the meantime...Get your Pit Helmets and Running Shoes ready for dodging those Fireball Marbles!