d’OR Game Winners at Cannes

February 23, 2018 - 9:57pm

AZUL has won this year’s d’OR Game of the Year Award at the Cannes Games Festival. In its acceptance statement for the prestigious award, Plan B Games thanked the Jury and the designer of the game, Michael Kiesling, as well as the many fans of the game who have helped make AZUL such a success in France. AZUL is the abstract strategy tile-laying game which has also been such a significant success here at home in the good ol’United States. The game currently has a BGG rating of 8.0.

In other categories, TERRAFORMING MARS reportedly edged out GREAT WESTERN TRAIL  and ARKHAM HORROR THE CARD GAME for the win in the EXPERT category while OUTFOXED was the ‘wiley winner’ of the Children’s Game honors.

 The As d'Or (Golden Ace) is a games award given out by a jury at the Festival International des Jeux (Wikipedia) and last year’s top honors went to MYSTERIUM.