MARTIANS!!! and trying to Catch the Moon

February 23, 2018 - 9:49pm
Two new games that have been recently announced include an English edition of the game Catch The Moon from Surfin Meeple, and the second edition of a game from Twilight Creations called MARTIANS!!!Catch the Moon is a easy to learn and play dexterity game where you are stacking ladders to be the first one to reach the moon.  On your turn you will roll a die which imposes some kind of placement rule like it has to touch only one ladder, it has to touch two ladders, it has to be the highest point, and so on.  Then you take a ladder and try to stack it according to the rule, if you can't then you have to take a tear, but you also still have to place the ladder.  When you run out of ladders or tears the game ends, and whoever has the fewest tears will be the winner.  This amusing little dexterity game will be available in stores in June of this year. MARTIANS!!! is another game in the ZOMBIES!!! line that Twilight Creations is known for, and pits the humans against a horde of martian invaders.  One person will play the martians, trying to take over the Earth, and everyone else will be playing the humans who are trying to beat back their advance.  The game itself is easy to play as on your turn you will roll dice to determine your movement speed, then if you stop on a space with a martian, you fight them!  Combat is also just as easy because you just roll a die and on a four, five, or six you kill the martian and add it to your collection, if not then you either need to spend bullet tokens to obtain a winning roll, or lose a life.  Manage to make it to the mother-ship with the components you need to blow it up and the humans win, else the tide of martians engulfs the land.  Of note for this release is that it's a second edition, meaning all the usual updates and tweaks are included to make it look and play better than the original.  Look for this new edition on store shelves towards the end of April this year.