Stomping Into Battle! - Star Wars Legion, AT-RT Unit Expansion Preview

February 19, 2018 - 11:59am
Fantasy Flight Games have previewed their latest unit expansion for the upcoming Star Wars: Legion war game - The AT-RT. The All Terrain Recon Transport costs only 55 points - a fraction of it's bigger AT-ST cousin and is considerably more mobile. The lighter unit won't be stopped by walls or barricades, climbing over them easily and also has the same heavy armor. As with all unit expansions, the AT-RT comes with a full compliment of interchangeable upgrade cards each with matching sculpts to attach to the miniature. Weapons include a Rotary Blaster, Laser Canon and naturally the Flame Thrower! Not to be let down in it's short game, the AT-ST can also make use of those legs to stomp a mud hole in any unit foolish enough to attempt a point-blank assault. Other features include the option of a long-range communications link for fast responses anywhere on the battlefield or a communications jammer if you prefer the chance to shut down your opponents ability to send orders. The AT-RT Unit Expansion Set for release on March 22nd 2018 along with the Star Wars: Legion Core Set and seven other expansions. For an overview of the base game checkout the Miami Dice Official Review, with Tom & Sam.