Fantasy Flight Games Announces Wave XIV of X-Wing

February 17, 2018 - 9:51am
Star Wars: Rogue One has proved to be one of the more widely-regarded Star Wars movies in a long time. Now, Fantasy Flight Games has brought ships from that film into the Star Wars: X-Wing franchise with the announcement of Wave XIV -Saw's Renegades and the TIE Reaper expansions. The Saw's Renegades pack doesn't bring any new ships into the system, but it does have updated versions of some existing ships. It has two new ship miniatures: the U-Wing and a T-65 X-Wing, both pre-painted in Saw's freedom fighter colours of white and black. Instead of new ships, the expansion will contain an assortment of new ship cards with pilots who are members of Saw's group. It even includes Saw Gerrera himself flying the U-Wing. New upgrade cards for these two ships complete the package, with new tactics and systems that can be added.

"For example, you may load one of your U-wings with the new Targeting Scrambler included in this expansion pack. In order to devote your pilot to using the Targeting Scrambler, you’ll need to give up the chance to fire this round, taking a weapons disabled token for your own ship. In exchange, however, you can choose any ship at Range 1-3 and give it the Scrambled condition. Then, when the ship that’s been Scrambled would attack your ship at Range 1, it loses any ability to modify its attack dice! If you’re using your U-wing or another ship to coordinate the battle, you may want to keep it alive for as long as possible. Scrambling the targeting systems of incoming attackers is just one way to keep your starships around for a few more turns."

In all, the Saw's Renegades expansion will have ten new ship cards and fifteen upgrades along with the two new miniatures. The other expansion, the TIE Reaper, is an all new ship that Imperial forces can use to transport elite troops to their destination. It's more than a troop carrier, however. The Reaper packs a powerful offensive punch, rolling three attack dice when firing its primary weapon. While it does not have many defenses, only one die, its sturdy construction means that it will be able to take some hefty damage and still come through. In addition to that, it has a rather unique power for the X-Wing system.

"This ship bears the unusual jam action that lets you jam nearby ships and prevent them from using a focus, evade, or target lock—opening a wealth of tactical opportunities when you’re building your squad or flying into battle."

Having its main function be a troop transport, the Reaper comes with two crew upgrade slots, allowing players to transport elite Death Troopers or even the Emperor himself. If you have these troopers on your ship when flying close to a Rebel ship, the Rebel will receive a "stress" token. As stress accumulates, Rebel options become more limited and aids Imperial chances. The Reaper expansion comes with the pre-painted Reaper miniature as well as four different ship cards, eleven upgrades, a maneuver dial and everything needed to incorporate the Reaper into your Imperial fleet. Both Saw's Renegades and the TIE Reaper are available for pre-order now and should come out sometime this year.