Kolossal Games bringing Terror to Victorian London

February 17, 2018 - 9:43am
Kolossal Games has announced a new asymmetrical deck-building game with Terrors of London. London in the late 1800s is a city with a wide variety of inhabitants. While the upper class lives in their high society areas, a hidden war is taking place in the slums as four factions try to assume control.

"In Terrors of London, four factions – the Undead, the Mortals, the Spirits, and the Beasts – battle to take over as the ruling cabal. The Overlords – Azazael, Methuselah, Cain, and Fenris – bring Influence cards to the starting deck, as well as provide a unique ability for players to use."

This deck-building game will have players recruiting monsters, buying relics, and otherwise trying to strengthen their deck as they attempt to reduce the life points of all competitors to zero. Players can form big combos with their recruited monsters, using their relics to help do massive damage and eventually win the game. Each player has an Overlord which has a special power that will help guide purchases as player attempt to join combinations together using the "Hoard indicators" which will, if done correctly allow for massive damage each turn. There has been no indication of a release date, but keep an eye on Kolossal Games for more information on Terrors of London as it develops.