Board Buddies Kickstarter wants to help you find local game events and groups

February 16, 2018 - 6:24am
One thing that is notoriously difficult, and thus often asked about, is how do you find a game group when you visit or move to a new city?  BoardGameGeek is a good place to look, Meetup is not a bad choice either, but those are only good if you know where to look and who to ask.  Board Buddies on the other hand is trying to make finding a group as easy as finding a local theater.  Setting up a game night in the app is easy, just choose whether it's public or private event (which changes who can see the exact location), put in some info on what games you are playing, add event info like location and time, and you're done.  Now that the info is logged, your event will show up to anyone in the area who searches, and it will tell them what games are being played, when the event is, and how far away it is from their location.  Now you will be able to easily and effortlessly find game groups happening all around you, and maybe find some new friends along the way. The app itself is going to be free, but this campaign is being run to raise funds to lay the groundwork of the business, and help make sure Board Buddies is maintained for years to come.  Pledges start at $5 Canadian and offer things like alpha access, badges within the app, stickers, dice, t-shirts and more.  So if you want to help bring this dream to reality, head on over to the Kickstarter today.