Wizkids announces Letter Go!, a randomly ridiculous new word game

February 15, 2018 - 9:43am
Wizkids has announced a new card game called Letter Go!, which seems to mix the random rules of Fluxx with a word game.  The game plays easy enough where you will draw a number of letter cards and lay them out in front of everyone.  Then the timer will be flipped and everyone needs to write down at least a 4 letter long word using those letters.  When you finish a word you grab the lowest numbered marker and wait for the others to finish.  Once time has run out you will start sharing your words and you will score points for each letter you that you are the first one to use.  So while the person who finishes first might get all their letters, if you come up with a longer and more unique word, you may be able to still score more points.  But coming up with the word isn't everything, you will also have to deal with the random rules for that round as well.  Rules like if you want to write an eye you have to draw an eye, or you have to write your word backwards, or you have to sign other people's boards.  And it's these rules that will make coming up and writing down your word a lot more interesting. You can find out more about the game in the below press release, and look for it in stores next month.

 WizKids Announces Letter Go! – A New Word Game with Randomly Ridiculous Rules!

Hillside, NJ – Wizkids is pleased to announce its upcoming Word game, Letter Go! Designed by Marcus Ross and Cara Ryan, three to six players write words that are 4-letters or more on their whiteboard using the available letter cards but score points only for the cards they are able to claim before their opponents! Simply writing words down isn’t the only thing happening in this game. Every round, two Rule Cards are drawn, and they MUST be incorporated into your word! Will you have to write your word backwards? Maybe you’ll need to draw an eye whenever you write an “E”. You might even have to sign your name on your opponents’ whiteboard! Each letter of the alphabet has two rules associated with it, so there is countless combination of crazy antics! Letter Go! is scheduled to release March 2018! Rush on over to your Friendly Local Game Store and pre-order T-O-D-A-Y! For more information, visit: https://wizkids.com/letter-go/