Experience 2 Player Mech On Mech Combat In Critical Mass Coming From Arcane Wonders

February 9, 2018 - 6:21am
Arcane Wonders has announced its new 2 player mech on mech combat game, Critical Mass from designer Kevin Chang. Previously known as Starborne, Critical mass is a simultaneous action selection game, where players each secretly pick a combat card from their mech-specific deck, then reveal simultaneously. The combat cards can be offensive or defensive, and each show a speed rating, determining in what order they take effect. Played cards remain in a discard pile until they are reloaded. Each mech has 4 critical systems, protected by Armor plates, represented on the mech board with wooden cubes. The first player to lose all 4 of their critical systems is destroyed. The first release of Critical Mass will feature the mechs Patriot and Iron Curtain, hinting that more mechs will be coming in the future. Look for Critical Mass in Stores in July 2018. You can check out the press release from Arcane Wonders on their webpage here.

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