New for Shadespire - Warband Focus: The Chosen Axes!

February 8, 2018 - 10:24am
Games Workshop have announced The Chosen Axes, a new warband for the stand-alone combat game Shadespire.

An ancient city filled with treasure. Terrors too awful to name.

The new warband requires a slow but offensive play style that rewards tactical timing in the inspiration of units. While initially slow, each of your Fyreslayers will become a true force of destruction once inspired! The pack comes with a completely new set of highly detailed miniatures and what would a warband be without a full compliment of cards at their disposal just waiting to rain havoc down upon their unsuspecting adversaries!

Packs of blood-hungry killers – and worse. Sounds like a job for the Fyreslayers!

The Chosen Axes are also fully compatible with games outside Shadespire and come with two new warscrolls. Check out the preview video to see the models on display and prepare for the coming destruction! You can pre-order The Chosen Axes from 12th February 2018.