ODAM Publishing Offers Laruna: Age Of Kingdoms 4X Game On KS

February 7, 2018 - 6:08am
ODAM Publishing and designer John Borgese have started a fund raiser for the fantasy 4X game Laruna: Age of Kingdoms on Kickstarter. Set in the fantasy world of the RPG Dreamscape: Laruna, 2-6 players each pick one of six asymmetric rulers, starting in one of six unique kingdoms. Each Kingdom has its own economy, and each territory controlled by a player contributes its own type of unit, including knights, giants, wisps, warlocks, furies and many more. Kingdom and resource management takes place on the Kingdom mat, where players need to balance population, which allows more workers on the mat, with stability, which dictates where the workers can and cannot go. Additional resources include gold, food, magic, garrison, command and of course the favor of the gods. Laruna is a true 4X game, allowing territory expansion and control, exploration of ports and gates, complex diplomacy and trade, as well as complete war. The Kickstarter includes over 70 miniatures varying from 35mm to 100mm, tiles, meeples, dice, tokens, and  over 200 cards. The Kickstarter Campaign for Laruna: Age of Kingdoms continues through March 2, and the game is expected to deliver in March 2019. For more details, including a preliminary rulebook, check out the Kickstarter here.

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