Blue Orange Games Announces 2018 Releases

February 2, 2018 - 9:51am
Blue Orange Games, well-known for publishing games for all ages, has announced its slate of 2018 releases. In all, sixteen games are coming out throughout the year.

"It’s a new year, and you know what that means- new games! This year we are excited to be publishing a diverse lineup that includes high-energy dexterity races, adorable cooperative games (a Blue Orange first!), playfully packaged smaller games, and unique brain teasers."

Both Mindo and Mindo Zen are solo brain teasers that come in compact boxes so you can take them with you on the go. You flip double-sided tiles trying to recreate the pattern that's on the challenge tile. Since the tiles will only fit one way, you will have to puzzle it out. In the Family Game area, there's Shaky Manor. This is a game where players are entering a spooky manor in search of a treasure that legend says exists hidden in it somewhere. Players will move their character and treasures into certain rooms that are on the challenge card by shifting and tilting the box around.  When you succeed, more creatures will be added to make it even tougher to get your  next treasure (and yourself) to safety. In the Preschool Game category, there's Happy Bunny, a cooperative game where players are trying to pick the best carrots out of the box for the bunny. Bitten carrots go to the bunny while the others will go to the farmer. This game will teach teamwork, motor skills, and simple counting. Finally, in the Fun-Sized Games category, which consists of easily portable games, there's Clouds. Clouds is a matching game where players turn over a card and then quickly try to find the matching halves that complete the picture. It can be played as a race with your friends or as a solo challenge. It even comes in a cloud-shaped pouch! Details on these and all of the other upcoming releases can be found on the Blue Orange web site.