New Kickstarter Planet Apocalypse From Sandy Petersen

January 31, 2018 - 6:54am
Sandy Petersen, one of the great horror game designers (Cthulhu Wars, Theomachy), has a new game currently on Kickstarter, Planet Apocalypse. Planet Apocalypse is a 1-5 player cooperative game which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by hellish demons. Players can select one of 5 distinctive heroes, each with unique special abilities. The heroes need to defeat invading demons on their way to the final Demon Lord, who can only be beaten with multiple small attacks, followed by calculated retreats to heal and regain courage. The miniatures are everything one would expect from a Sandy Petersen game, which is to say amazingly detailed demonic creatures straight from another plane. All miniatures were designed by renowned artist Keith Thompson, and were made to a larger 28mm scale, with some minis stretching more than 100mm tall. Multiple maps, Demon Lords, and missions make the game highly replayable. The core game comes with more than 100 cards, 42 dice, hundreds of counters and tokens, and 29 miniatures. The add-on Void Pack adds more miniatures, components, and boards, and with the inevitable stretch goals makes this campaign a gold mine of detailed miniature gameplay. Finally, for those who simply cannot wait, there is a high pledge level where 1 lucky backer will be able to play the game with Sandy nearly 5 months before it delivers. The Kickstarter Campaign for Planet Apocalypse continues through February 26, and the game is expected to deliver in February 2019.

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