Two New Games From Looney Labs Coming In April

January 31, 2018 - 6:47am
Looney Labs, Andrew and Kristin Looney's home of Fluxx and Pyramid Arcade,  has announced two new games coming this April. Anatomy Fluxx is the newest edition to the "make your own rules" Fluxx line of card games. In Anatomy Fluxx, 2-6 players dive deep into the body parts that make us tick, from blood vessels to lungs and liver. Two sets of Learning Rules add trivia to help this educational game "bone up" on your anatomy facts. Get the MacGuffin is a new fast paced card game, where the player holding the coveted MacGuffin often wins, but keeping ahold of such a thing can be difficult. 2-11 players take turns playing a card, discarding an object or using the power of an object, until the last card is played. Card powers range from "ridiculously powerful to just ridiculous" in this deduction game of hand management and player elimination. Both Anatomy Fluxx and Get the MacGuffin will be available on April 5, 2018.  

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