Shinobi 7 Announces Exclusive Distribution Deal

January 31, 2018 - 6:18am
Shinobi 7 has reached an agreement with Diamond/Alliance for exclusive distribution of all of its products. This agreement means that Diamond/Alliance will be the sole distributor for Shinobi 7 products to all hobby markets, toy stores, comic shops, book stores, and other mass market outlets. Under the deal, current Shinobi 7 products will shortly be relisted by Diamond/Alliance. Current products will be released through Ninja Division until March 15, 2018. Another part of the deal has Seven Seas Entertainment acquiring a complete ownership interest in Shinobi 7. Originally, Shinobi 7 was created as a joint venture between Seven Seas Entertainment and Ninja Division. Now, Ninja Division will be removed from the equation. In the meantime, Shinobi 7 will continue its focus on "the production and publishing of high quality tabletop games based on exciting licensed brands."