Asmodee to Let Fans Unlock Three More Times

January 30, 2018 - 6:27am
Asmodee's Unlock series of escape room games will be thrilled to hear that there will soon be even more adventures to solve. Asmodee has announced three new exciting challenges in the Unlock series coming later in 2018, including a returning adversary.

"Like the six previous Unlock! adventures, each of these new Secret Adventures captures the exciting and challenging puzzles of an escape room and brings it to the tabletop with just a deck of cards and the companion app. While the companion app counts down the time and provides hints along the way, you and a group of your (hopefully) most clever friends have to use deductive logic and reasoning to discover the solutions to escape! "

In "A Noside Story," players will be attempting to figure out just what Dr. Noside's nefarious plans are and defeat him once again. Is he out for revenge? Or is there something else he's plotting? In "Tombstone Express," players are trying to stop a train robbery in progress. Will you be able to stop them before they get off the train with their precious cargo? Finally, in "The Adventures of Oz," you will be helping Dorothy and her companions as they try to escape the Wicked Witch of the West! You'll be able to pick up all three of these exciting new Unlock adventures in the second quarter of 2018.