Poly Hero Dice turns another class into dice, introducing the Rogue Dice

January 26, 2018 - 11:52pm

Poly Hero Dice has taken on the challenge to create dice sets that are physically themed after the typical fantasy classes of warriors, clerics, wizards, and more.  After successfully creating and kickstarting two previous sets, the warrior and the wizard, they have now turned their attention to the rogue class.  This set features some of the iconic gear a rogue would have in dice form, like a dagger d4, loot bag d10s, a crossbow bolt d8 and more.  What this set also features is a d20 that is in the form of a lock and lock pick where you will twist and turn the pick inside the lock, then push it down to reveal a number.  This is fairly ambitious and while the dice may not all roll well, you have to admit that it would feel nice to roll a crossbow bolt d8 when rolling for damage in a DnD game.  A full set of dice will run you $18, and the lock-pick d20 can be added on for an additional $9, which may sound pricey, but given the quality and uniqueness of the dice, it's to be expected.  You can back for a set as well as see all the different colors on the Kickstarter page.