Steamforged Adds Minor Guilds To Guildball, Starting With The Ratcatchers

January 25, 2018 - 8:27am

Steamforged, the publisher behind the popular Guild Ball miniatures game, has announced the first "Minor Guild" for the system, the Ratcatchers. All of the previously released Guilds for Guild Ball will be considered "Major Guilds", but each one will be associated with a new "Minor Guild", a fully playable team including a Captain, a Mascot and other players. Two of the players will be "dual Guild", playable for either the Minor or Major team, and in the Ratcatchers, Skulk and Pelage will be usable in the Morticians Guild. Conversely, the associated Major team, in this case the Morticians, will have two players modified to be friendly with their Minor Guild. Bonesaw and Veteran Graves from the Morticians will be dual Guild with the Ratcatchers, and players who attend a launch event for the Ratcatchers will be able to win alternate sculpts for these players. In addition, as each Minor Guild is released, the associated Major Guild will no longer be allowed to play with Union Players. The Ratcatchers Guild also adds a new mechanism to Guild Ball, disease, a new powerful condition that spreads amongst players without further input from the player. Read more about the first Minor Guild, the Ratcatchers, and how Minor Guilds interact with the Union, on Steamforged website here.

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