More Stormtroopers Coming to Star Wars: Legion

January 24, 2018 - 6:18am
More good news on the Star Wars: Legions front as another expansion has been announced. Fantasy Flight Games has added the Stormtroopers Unit Expansion for the Star Wars miniatures game. The expansion will add seven new Stormtrooper miniatures along with the cards and tokens that will let you deploy them with the rest of your units.

"Across the planetary systems ruled by the Galactic Empire, few sights are more imposing than the gleaming white armor of an Imperial stormtrooper. As elite soldiers who have received the highest level of combat training, stormtroopers form the backbone of the Imperial Military, and their loyalty to the Emperor and their commanders is unshakable. In the era of the Galactic Civil War, stormtroopers are deployed across the galaxy to keep the peace, stamping out sedition and uprisings before they can take root. Soon, you’ll be able to bring more squads of stormtroopers to your games of Star Wars™: Legion with the Stormtroopers Unit Expansion!"

The Stormtrooper Unit Expansion will let you use upgrades to add even more of the armored terrors to your Imperial strike force. It will offer the same upgrade slots as the core set Stormtroopers, with heavy weapons troopers and long-range weapons. However, the expansion will offer new upgrades for grenades and gear that are different from the core set. You can equip your troopers with grappling hooks or impact grenades which will help you with those pesky armored vehicles that your opponent may have. The Stormtrooper Unit Expansion will be released at the same time as the Core set and seven other expansions as Fantasy Flight tries to ensure that Star Wars fans can mix and match to their hearts' content.