Reiner Knizia's AXIO makes the jump to digital

January 23, 2018 - 6:36am
AXIO is Reiner Knizia's redesign of the older game Ingenious, and is a simple abstract strategy game where you just place a tile each turn and score the shapes.  When you score you will score only the shapes matching the tile you put down, and that are connected to that shape in that row or column.  That means as you get shapes to be placed together, the more points you will score in one go.  But that isn't all there is to it, there are also pyramids that you can place down when you surround an empty space, giving you a points boost just when you might need it.  And why might you need that boost?  Well that is because at the end of the game, your final score is the lowest value on your score track, so you need to make sure you are scoring evenly. The AXIO Octa app uses all the same rules and scoring, but instead of placing squares you are placing octagons, and there is no pyramid to place so scoring evenly becomes extra important.  The apps come with solo play, online play, and team play as well as in game achievements that you can get.  Art is okay but considering the art of the original (or lack there of) this isn't too much of a detraction.  You can download the app today on either Android or iPhone, and both will run you about $4.