Mantic Games expands Kings of War with Battlefield Cards

January 23, 2018 - 6:28am
Kings of War is a tactical miniatures game and plays out much like you would expect, you each pick your armies according to points, and then try to destroy each other.  Battlefield Cards however seek to change this by adding in conditions, strategies, and objectives to the game.  At the start the person who won the initial roll off pulls a condition card, this will set the stage for the entire game by adding weather conditions or a varied setup.  From there you will place out objective markers that will work with the next set of cards, objectives.  Each player will pull two cards and each card will have a primary and secondary objectives that players will pick from.  These different objectives offer new and unique ways to get points like putting out a bounty on high cost units, or getting points for holding base objectives.  After selecting objectives you now get strategy cards equal to your army's point value divided by 500 and rounded down, so a 1500 point army gets three cards, and so does a 1750 point army.  These strategy cards provide one time use benefits to give you the leg up in various situations.  Overall if you want to spice up your games of Kings of War, these cards are a good way to do it.  You can head over to the Mantic Blog to find out more information, and look for these at retailers soon.