Casual Games Revolution Picks Nominees For Best Casual Games Of 2017 And Opens Public Voting

January 19, 2018 - 5:09pm

Casual Games Revolution, the group behind Casual Game Insider magazine, has announced their nominees for the Best Casual Game of 2017, and they need your votes to secure the winner. A panel of 12 judges was given the daunting task to narrow the field of games, picking their best casual game, released in the US in 2017, which was a base game and not an expansion. Below are the judges picks for the final three. The first nominee is Azul by Plan B Games, designed by Michael Kiesling. In Azul, 4 players take turns drafting beautiful plastic colored tiles in order to fill lines on their board, and therefore fill in a defined pattern. Points are earned by making connecting groups of tiles, and completing horizontal and vertical lines in the mosaic. But be careful; if you pick up too many tiles and do not have room for them on your board, they fall to the ground and lose points. Also nominated was Go Nuts For Donuts by Gamewright and designer Zachary Eagle. 2-6 Players simultaneously place and reveal number cards designating which donuts they want to select from a lineup, but if multiple players go for the same pastry, that donut is discarded and no one gets it. Players try to collect sets, pairs of matching donuts, or powerful unique donuts to maximize their points. The third nominee is  Sagrada by Floodgate Games, designed by Adrian Adamescu and Daryl Andrews. Sagrada is a dice drafting and placement game for 1-4 players, who try to complete a stained glass pattern on their personal board. Dice come in multiple colors, and constraints exists about where colors and numbers can be placed. Dice drafting is in a snaking order, going from first player to last, then last back to first, with the first player moving each round. Scoring goals change each game, and hidden goals exist for each player. Casual Games Revolution will hold open voting for the winner on their webpage here until January 25, 2018.

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