Pegasus Spiele drops list of their 2018 releases

January 20, 2018 - 9:40am
Pegasus Spiele publishes a good number of games each year, often for the German market, but also does a number of dual language releases for those who speak English.  This year Pegasus Spiele will be announcing pretty much all of their 2018 releases at the Nuremberg Toy Fair at the end of the month, but we got a copy of the list ahead of time.  So below you will see the list of all the English language releases for games from Pegasus Spiele in 2018. Kids Games:
  • Curli Kuller (in April)
  • Kinder-Rommé: Bauernhoftiere (in May)
  • Sei kein Frosch (in June)
  • Polar Party (in September)
Family Games:
  • Round the World (in March)
  • Pummeleinhorn - Der Superkeks (in May)
  • Pummeleinhorn - Mampf Mampf (Mau Mau Variante) (in May)
  • Pummeleinhorn - Die fiesen Keksdiebe (in 2nd half of the year)
  • Dragon Master (in May)
  • Nimble (in January)
  • Brains - Burgen & Drachen (in June at the UK Games Expo)
  • Film ab! (in March)
Connoisseur Games:
  • Istanbul Big Box (in June at the UK Games Expo)
  • Loot Island (in February)
Remember, these are only the title with English translations, so there are many more games not being mentioned that will be German editions of games already released in the US.  Also all these dates are subject to change, so while you can start looking for them at the store on the specified dates, it's not set in stone and can be subject to delays.  Either way, this looks to be a good year for Pegasus Spiele as they are releasing new games across the board as well as translating solid releases into German.