New Upgrade Expansion for Arkham Horror: the Card Game

January 14, 2018 - 10:09am
Fans of Arkham Horror: the Card Game are always on the lookout for new content, new mysteries to explore, new monsters to fight. Sometimes, though, returning to the old can be good too. Fantasy Flight Games has announced the release of a new upgrade expansion for Arkham Horror: the Card Game, this time returning to one of the core set campaigns. Return to the Night of the Zealot takes investigators back to the Night of the Zealot campaign from the core set, adding new challenges, new encounters, and new boons as well as upgrading cards from the original campaign. While it may seem like you are reliving the nightmare you started with, new terrors await you.

"In Return to the Night of the Zealot, the stars may have aligned to open a door to your past, but things are not precisely as they were. The evils you defeated once have become stronger. It seems if they have been lying in wait for this moment to occur, to get another shot at destroying you, and this time they are not alone. This upgrade expansion features new scenario cards for each of the three scenarios in the campaign: now marked as Return to The Gathering, Return to The Midnight Masks, and Return to The Devourer Below. While these titles may sound like a resurgence of the familiar, the experience is anything but. Return to the Night of the Zealot also stacks your encounter deck with two new encounter sets, filled with monsters and treacheries more terrifying than any you have faced. Ghouls from the Ghouls encounter set are replaced by Ghouls of Umôrdhoth and Cultists who once belonged to a Dark Cult now align with The Devourer’s Cult."

The upgraded expansion also includes a premium box that can be used to store all of your Night of the Zealot content, both old as well as the expansion. It comes with dividers marked for each encounter, allowing you to organize things neatly for easier access. This box will also contains a list of achievements that will add to the challenge. Perhaps you'll manage to keep a weapon from breaking through multiple encounters, or stay in the house long past the time when others would go insane. All of this will be available in the 2nd quarter of 2018, and is available for pre-order now. Find out more in the Fantasy Flight article.