Victory Point Games launches into the European Theater of WWII with Thunder in the East on Kickstarter

December 29, 2017 - 11:32am
Victory Point Games is back on Kickstarter with a new war game from veteran designer Frank Chadwick called Thunder in the East.  This is going to be the first game in the European Theater of Operations series of war games from the designer.  This game will have in the box six different scenarios covering battles all across the front lines, as well as a full campaign game as well.  Each game in of itself will be 8 to 12 hours long with the ability to play either solo or against an opponent, or even in teams if you like.  What makes this game a little different from other war games is that Frank believes in clean, concrete gameplay that is rooted is sound historical research.  What that translates into is a game where you spend less time scouring the rule book and more time being immersed in the game you are playing.  But with a component count of over 1,000 chits and tokens, this is still very much a hex and counter style war game you know and love. You can find out more about the game on the Kickstarter page, which includes a series of videos on the mechanics of the game.  The game will cost you $99 plus shipping, and it already includes some extra content from stretch goals, so back for your copy today.