Fantasy Flight Games previews it's upcoming game, Blood Bound

December 29, 2017 - 11:28am
Blood Bound is a new social deduction game that is coming from Fantasy Flight Games that aims to bring you into the back-stabbing politics of rival vampire clans.  But for this game, the back-stabbing part is quite literal, as on each turn you will be attacking and wounding other vampires representing the players.  In the game everyone will have a role card which tells them their clan affiliation, Gargoyle or Phoenix, their rank within the clan, and their special ability.  The object of the game is to capture the rival clan's elder, the one who has the lowest rank number on their card within that game.  On a turn you will attack another player and they will take a wound, upon receiving that wound they have to reveal something about themselves, either one of their clan affiliation tokens or their rank.  Revealing a token could confirm or confuse people on which side you are on, revealing your rank allows you to use your special ability.  These are powerful special abilities that can alter the game, and help you grab victory at the opportune time.  But be careful, make sure you are going after the right person before you strike the final blow to capture them, else you may have put yourself in a dangerous spot. You can find out more about the game on the preview page, and look for the game on shelves in the new year.