Warhammer Heroes Initiative

December 20, 2017 - 10:33pm
Warhammer Heroes is a new initiative to recognize people who make the Warhammer community great. Members of the community can nominate hard-working individuals such as tournament organisers or fans who bring other fans into the Warhammer fold. They've already had submissions for this year's Warhammer Heroes but they would like more heroes to be considered. Quality is more important than popularity so even if your nomination isn't widely known they could still win. Chosen Warhammer Heroes will receive prizes such as a special polo shirt, enshrining their names at Warhammer World, and a special, purpose-made medal modelled by Warhammer Community’s Rhu. Nominations close at midnight of the 31st of December 2017.
Antoine Fortuin

Bitten by a common house spider, Antoine emerged with the uncanny ability to buy more games than he had time to play. While living in the hills of Tennessee, USA, he tries to balance software development, family, and his multiple, competing hobbies. He hopes to someday discover a pocket dimension in which to store his games