Hasbro & Amazon bring an update to Trivial Pursuit

December 19, 2017 - 3:43pm
Hasbro and Amazon have announced a new interactive version of the classic trivia game Trivial Pursuit.  Trivial Pursuit Tap is the first game that will utilize Amazon Alexa and the new Amazon Echo Buttons. The Amazon Echo Buttons can be paired, using Bluetooth, to an Echo device and be used like buzzers and up to four Echo Buttons can be connected to an Echo device.  To answer a question in the game, simply press your Echo Button and the device will light up signaling that you can answer. The Echo Button can be programmed for multiplayer or single-player games through Alexa skills. Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of marketing at Hasbro Gaming, said that this new technology "will make Trivial Pursuit more animated and exciting than ever." Scott Van Vliet, Director for Amazon Alexa, said "We’re excited that customers can now play the iconic Trivial Pursuit game with Alexa.  With Echo Buttons, game night can feel like a game show – and Alexa is the host. We can’t wait for customers to start playing." To learn more about click Trivial Pursuit Tap.