Z-Man Gives More Details On Expansion To Voyages Of Marco Polo

December 16, 2017 - 9:33am
Z-Man Games has posted more details about the upcoming expansion to their 2015 award winning game The Voyages of Marco Polo. The Agents of Venice Expansion contains multiple independent units adding to the gameplay, and this update gives more details on the City of Venice module. Players can add trading posts within the city of Venice, starting with the large palazzo at the bottom of the new board, then expanding outward along paths. Using a mechanic similar to the "Khan's Favor" space in the main game, players can place a die in Venice, but each successive die needs to be higher or equal to the die played previously. Players can therefore make it difficult for others to build in Venice by playing higher dice. As a teaser, Z-Man notes that the Companions Module, which includes extra helpers with special powers, contains the Gondolier, which allows players yet another opportunity to place trading posts in Venice. Read more about the City of Venice Module from the Agents of Venice Expansion on Z-Man's website here.

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