Command the Unforgiven of the 41st Millenium

December 13, 2017 - 6:47am
Games Workshop have released a number of Dark Angel related products for pre-order. The Dark Angels are part of the Warhammer 40k universe in which the tabletop game is based. In the game you collect miniatures representing armies from the distant future. Missions are played across battlefields of your own creation in the 41st Millenium. A new Codex detailing the Dark Angels history as well as the rules to play the faction in the game is being released. Players will need this latest version of the Codex in order to play the current incarnation of The Unforgiven. You can also plan your secret agenda using the Dark Angels Datacards which are used to easily reference Stratagems, Psychic Powers, and Tactical Objectives. Themed dice to match the Deathwing will add to the game's immersion when playing this faction. A new leader, Primaris Lieutenant Zakariah, along with new Primaris Aggressor, Hellblaster, and Intercessor units can be used to form your army. Heads, shoulder pads, power swords, and other themed accessories will also be available. The Games Workshop website is accepting pre-orders where you're also able to check if your order will arrive in time for Christmas.
Antoine Fortuin

Bitten by a common house spider, Antoine emerged with the uncanny ability to buy more games than he had time to play. While living in the hills of Tennessee, USA, he tries to balance software development, family, and his multiple, competing hobbies. He hopes to someday discover a pocket dimension in which to store his games