Osprey Games announces Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth

December 1, 2017 - 10:08pm

Osprey Games has just announced Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth, a new graphic adventure card game set in the universe of the 2000AD Dredd comic character universe. Game developer Duncan Molloy has designed the game based on The Lost Expedition, from designer Peer Sylvester. All new commission artwork will have players immersed in a sci-fi western leading a team of judges against dinosaurs, mutants, and the Cursed Earth itself all while searching for an object of immense power before it falls into the wrong hands. As players scour the wastelands their teams will encounter a host of iconic 2000AD characters. Like The Lost Expedition, Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth will feature competitive, co-operative and solo game modes. Duncan Molloy wrote about his love of both The lost Expedition mechanics as well as the Judge Dredd universe:

I’m a huge fan of The Lost Expedition, and from early in development it felt like the best example I’ve seen of a board game capturing the tone of a comic book. To be able to pair the system with one of the most interesting and detailed comic book worlds ever devised has been a joy. Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth will feature entirely new mechanics, such as radiation tracking and psychic abilities, to really capture the feel of Dredd’s world.

Damien Treece, brand licensing manager at Rebellion which manages the Dredd license, expressed his excitement about the partnership:

We're thrilled to be working with the team at Osprey Games on this new partnership. Osprey and Duncan have a terrific understanding of the world of Judge Dredd and a reputation for publishing high quality games, leaving us in no doubt that Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth will be a perfect fit.

Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth is currently scheduled for a 2018 release.